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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the web’s core styling language. For web developers, It’s one of the quickest technologies to get started with, but one of the hardest to master. Follow Una Kravets and Adam Argyle, Developer Advocates from Google, who gleefully breakdown complex aspects of CSS into digestible episodes covering everything from accessibility to z-index.

Jun 20, 2024

In this episode Una and Adam share practical use cases, syntax and strategies for all the new math functions in CSS. From trig to algebra, they'll help you get a good idea on where and how these fit into your UI toolbelt.

Ana Tudor tests your browser for CSS math function support → 

Great guide and overview from Daniel Wilson → 

layout pow() → 

Using Absolute Value, Sign, Rounding and Modulo in CSS Today → 

Time based animation →  

CSS type casting to numeric: tan(atan2()) scalars by Jane Ori → 

Open Props v2 type ramp prototype with pow() as taught by Dan Wilson in their post → 

CSS physics for transitions and keyframes with these math functions →

Una Kravets (co-host)
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Making the web more colorful ✨🎨  Web DevRel @googlechrome Unicorn face host of @toolsday & Designing in the Browser 🎬 

Adam Argyle (co-host)
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@GoogleChrome CSS DevRel; @CSSWG; VisBug maker; punk; CSS/JS/UX addict; 💀🤘